Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Inauguration 2013

This past weekend was quite eventful, to say the least.  The Inauguration 2013  took place on Monday and I was upset that I missed the whole thing. I didn't get to watch any of it because  I was taking the GRE that afternoon.  It wasn't that bad actually but, it was so long and I decided to play superwoman and go straight through without any breaks (not the greatest idea!).

Anyway, I lived vicariously through the pics I came across on the web. I'm really feeling Michelle's new hair! (Bangs are really cute but, I get bored easily with them on myself.) And one of my fave power couples, Bey and Jay were there.  Bey looked gorgeous as usual and I heard she sang the national anthem.

Love these two! 

Did you watch the Inauguration?


  1. To bad I was enjoying your blog having come here from Neeley's blog, but I am NOT a Nobama supporter so you lost me.

  2. I had to work at the time, but I caught most of it later on youtube


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