Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trying Something New

Hi, loves!  I decided to try a bantu knot out for the first time this week because I just needed to try something new.  I started on dry hair that was from an old twistout.  I lightly spritzed my hair with water, detangled with my fingers and used Cantu Leave-in conditioning cream on each section of hair before making the bantu knot.

I was a little nervous about trying these because I was taking them out in the morning right before work and I didn't want to be looking crazy!  They turned out pretty well for my first try but, I think next time I will do them on freshly washed and blowdried hair so that the texture of my hair will be smoother.

Here's how they looked that morning:

By the end of the day, they were not defined at all thanks to the Georgia humidity but they were cute while they lasted.

I watched the beautiful MahoganyCurl's Youtube video tutorial to help me out.  Check it out!


  1. That's my struggle with bantu knots. They make the cutest and biggest curls until the humidity kicks in. I've always done them on freshly washed hair, but I might have to try them on an old twist-out!

    1. Hey Jaz! Yep, the humidity made every curl I had go poof! Lol


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