Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 7-Join the 30 Day Cardio Challenge

 Summer is almost over and I admit,  it is way harder for me to exercise when it is cooler out because there are less pool parties, cookouts, and outdoor events that will require me to look fit in a bathing suit, shorts or sexy summer dress.  Even so, I know that it is important to stay on a consistent fitness routine.  Starting October 7, celebrity and personal trainer Ray Grayson, Mr. Shut up and Train, has a solution to keep you motivated through the chilly months of autumn! The FREE 30-day Total Fit Challenge, brought to you by celebrity and personal trainer Ray Grayson, Mr. Shut up and Train, is an effort to help and support people every step of the way with their fitness, health and nutritional goals.  I have done previous 30 day Cardio Challenges with Ray Grayson and I have been more than happy with the results I saw!

If you are brand new to exercise or have been away for a while and just need some guidance and direction, regardless of your personal situation, the 30-Day Total Fit Challenge provides a series of daily workouts and nutritional challenges, motivational emails and videos to watch with workouts that you can alter to what’s right for you.

 Ray believes that being active isn’t about the time you spend at the gym, but about an enhanced quality of life and self-commitment, the principles of success, an approach that he received and learned from Steve Harvey himself. In less than 2 years, the 30-Day Total Fit Challenge program has grown from 1,000 participants to over 55,000 active participants throughout the US and over 100 countries.

To learn more about the 30-Day Total Fit Challenge and sign up for the FREE 30-day Total Fit Challenge at and make sure to follow Mr. Shut up and Train on Twitter @shutupandtrain and Instagram @mrshutupandtrain. 

World's Largest FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge from MrShutUpandTrain on Vimeo.

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