Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Inspiration: Fit Edition

Usually for Monday Inspiration, you can find a quote or other words of wisdom here but today I post some fitnesss inspiration from the beautiful, Pilar Sanders.  When I scrolled through Instagram this morning curled up on my couch and saw this......

IG: @pilarsanders

IG: @pilarsanders

..... I immediately put on my workout clothes and worked it out! Talk about motivation! She is a mother of 3 and despite all that she been through, is always putting out positive affirmations, quotes and words of wisdom.  I love her positive outlook on life and her determination to be fit helps me to get up and get my life when I'm feeling down or do not have the motivation to work out.  No excuses here. I'm waiting for her to put out a workout dvd or something because I would love to know what she's eating and what her workout looks like! 

Who inspires you?

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