Thursday, October 17, 2013

Simplistic Chic Fitness Feature

This month's feature is  athlete, trainer and writer, F.D. Bulsara. She recently wrote the e-book, Strong and Beautiful: An Easy Fitness and Nutrition Guide to Achieving the Body of Your Dreams, and I had the opportunity to ask her more about fitness, motivation and her life.  


1.  Tell us  a little bit about yourself (What do you do?, where are you from?, your hobbies?).
 I am an athlete and fitness writer/trainer based in Montreal, Canada. I was born, raised and educated in Ottawa, and made the transition after finishing University. Montreal has a rich cultural community and great amateur athletics programs, so it was natural to come looking for the best coaches Olympic weightlifting to continue my athletic career. I also love learning about anything, documentaries, and take a keen interest in gender equality for education and sports both here in North America and internationally. 
 I began writing as I took on private training clients (mostly women) to discuss the common misconceptions around women and weight loss, body image, self-perception and fitness trends.  I was inspired by the women that I work with who have seen success, improved their image, bodies, happiness and reached their goals. I just wanted to reach more women to show how it is possible to become healthier, fitter and happier without starving or striving to look like a magazine model! 

3.  In your opinion, what is one exercise that can help to tone the entire body when you're short on time?
Squats! Back squats, front squats, dumbbell squats, or just air squats, if you've got nothing to load up with!

4.  What advice do you have for women who don't know how to find motivation to reach their fitness goals?
I would ask them to write down 3 things that they value most in their lives. Then ask themselves if they work towards their fitness goals will it help or hinder the things they value the most? Most of us value family, good health, and happiness more than anything...

5. What are your mantras or words that you live by?
 Well, when it comes to training, I repeat to myself, "I am stronger, I am faster."  When it comes to life, "Quality over quantity!" 

6.  Where on social media can we find you?
 I can be contacted on facebooktwitter, or at my blog,

 You can download Ms. Bulara's new book at for more fitness and nutrition tips!

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