Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Treats the Healthier Way

Valentine's Day is coming later this week and while I don't usually make a big deal about this holiday, I do like going out to eat or just making some tasty treats at the house to munch on (even if it's for myself).  I have to watch my sugar intake so, I am looking for some V-day snacks that aren't that bad for me but still satisfy my sweet tooth.

I found some recipes on Pinterest and thought these were too cute! If I had children, I would make some of these for them. They look tasty without all of the enormous amounts of sugar and guilt I might feel the next day but, a little treat or two won't hurt.  I just know I have to keep my blood sugar levels stable since I'm pre-diabetic.

What do you usually do on Valentine's day?

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  1. Those are some good options! I love to bake and I normally bake something unhealthy for my friends and family for v-day, so these could be some good alternatives.


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