Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Not So New Natural Health and Beauty Secret

I am a bit of a natural health junkie. I love reading about the newest herbs and natural supplements, and I've been known to purchase most of the ones that come across. I've scaled back a bit because it can get quite expensive but, when I was reading Ashley from August Skin's review of this cod liver oil I knew I had to pick this up.

As a child, my parents used to give my siblings and I cod liver oil capsules to take and I never really knew why.  After reading up about this supplement, I've learned that there are so many benefits.

  • High in Vitamins A and D
  • relieves symptoms of arthritis
  • helps prevent coronary heart disease
  • may help repair wounds
  • helps strength skin, nails and hair 

In Ashley's blog review, she raved about the difference in her skin that was noticeable in just a few DAYS of taking the cod liver oil.  I was totally sold because  a glowing, smooth complexion is what I'm after these days.  She specifically talked about the Carlson's brand so, later that week I went into my local Vitamin Shoppe and bought it after debating for a while (I can be so indecisive because of my frugal self).  It's been about three days and I will come back with pics and my full review. 

Have any of you tried cod liver oil? Did you notice any benefits?
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