Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fitness Trends: Yay or Nay to Waist Training?


My waistline is definitely one of the parts of my body that I am always wishing could be a little more 'snatched', cinched, smaller, a little more defined and all that good stuff.  I now realize that a healthy diet and cardio are my best friends if I want the itty bitty waist but, I fall off the wagon sometimes and indulge in sweets and 'bad' carbs (my sweet tooth is something serious!).  While I have been doing much better in eating fresh foods and less sugar, I still have goals of tightening up that I want to reach and maintain.

I've been seeing so many articles  and pictures about waist trainers recently that I have contemplated trying one out for myself. Corsets, waist trainers, girdles have all been around for many years and the same myths, pros and cons still exist. Most of the people I've seen on various sites who wear them,  look so good! Their waists look toned and small, which is the look I'm going for right about now.  Of course you have to work out and eat right while wearing it but, my concern was mainly some of the cons I have been reading about- elevated blood pressure, compression of body organs, and rib aches.  

Jenelle Salazar, one of the trainers I love to follow!

I never thought that I would even consider wearing a waist trainer but, after seeing some of the others' progress pics I have really been considering it.  I still want to do more research because I don't want to possibly do more harm to myself than good. Squished organs and difficulty breathing would not be worth a 23 inch waist for me.  For now, I will just do a bit more diggin' to find out more before I make a decision.

Have any of you ladies tried or would try a waist trainer?  Do you think the benefits outweigh the possible cons?


  1. I definitely wouldn't mind trying a waist trainer...but I'd be most worried about restricted movement while I exercise. I'm going to look into this.

  2. Currently doing it! Just need a smaller corset now as mine is a bit loose when tight!


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