Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The 30 Day Self-Discovery Challenge with GGRenee

Hey loves!  I want to stop in to let you all know about a 30 day Self-Discovery Challenge over on one of my favorite blogs, All the Many Layers.  It started on Sept. 1 (I'm super late, I know...) and will continue until the 30th so you still have time to squeeze it the last few days!

The author, founder, friend-in-my-head, GGRenee started this challenge and I have been blown away by the transformation in my thoughts and  the healing that I have experienced since participating.  I've been  allowing myself to be "all in my feelings" lately (in private) and coming to grips with everything I did not realize I was still suppressing.  It has changed everything for me, for the better.  I feel renewed and empowered to move on to the next level of my journey.

 Each day she has a topic along with a few questions to help get the writing juices flowing.  I came in on the challenge really late but, the first day, which was Day 18 for me was really deep.  The challenge for that day was, "The F Word" ('F' stands for forgiveness).  Forgiveness has been hard for me, both of myself and others, but I'm learning that without it I can't be fully aligned with God's purpose. So,  I just took the pen to the paper and wrote:

Dear Self,  
I forgive you for giving up on some dreams/goals in the past.  Everything happens for a reason and where you are now is right where you should be at this moment.  You have to leave your life and true purpose in God's hands.  With His help and strength you will become fulfilled and successful, walking confidently in His plan for you. 
I forgive you for hurting others along this journey and giving up when you should have fought harder.   
I forgive you for not holding on to that precious new life you were blessed with all because you were too scared.  I wish you had been wise enough to know what a blessing was being given to you at the time.
I release all resentment, shame, guilt, worry , feelings of unworthiness that creep up every day.  I release them and welcome in peace, love, purpose, strength and humility.
Love and Light xoxo 

Want to join? It's definitely not too late to head on over to All the Many Layers.  You can blog, tweet, Instagram, Facebook or journal your thoughts.  Whatever feels good to you!

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