Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year. A New Type of Vision Board.

Happy 2015, loves!  I can't believe it is already a new year but, I'm ready to see what's in store.  I created a vision board just before the new year and it is one of the things that has really helped me to feel more empowered and motivated in achieving my dreams and making my visions plain. It is not the ordinary glue-and-cutouts type though.

Creating a vision board will give laser focus on working towards the life you envision.  Think of it as a visual journal of the things that you might jot down that you want out of life, with no limitations!  I have had great results from using them in the past and this year was no different.  The only difference was that I dreamed big and did not second guess anything that I thought about putting on there.  I also went digital with it!  It is 2015 after all.  

I created my board with quality,digital images that I chose myself and the end result was a beautiful, large digital poster I could hang in my home.

Want to create a beautiful, more powerful vision board?  I can help! Find out how here:  

Take your life to the next level!

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