Thursday, January 29, 2015

{Healthy Eats} Trout + Salad

Dinner is served.  Well, one-half of it.  I will eat this rainbow trout and mixed greens salad now (1 hour before my gym workout) and then a second helping AFTER my workout. I'm trying to keep my weight up but, still be toned and healthy. 

 Remember, abs (and your whole body for that matter) are made in the kitchen!  I eat healthy and "clean" 80% of the time and have a sweet treat or something not so healthy 20% of the time.  What you put in your body really does show on the outside.  This dish was so delicious!  I usually have salmon once or twice a week but, this trout was a nice change.  

Oh, and I'm doing a "NO EATING AFTER 8 pm" rule.  This was my first week trying it and I will see if I notice anything different.  I will say that so far, my stomach seems flatter.  I'll keep you guys updated!

What are y'all eating this evening?

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