Thursday, August 1, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons....

...drink lemon water!  At least, that's what I will be doing again.  I grew up drinking warm lemon water with honey when I had colds or the flu and after learning the benefits of squeezing a few lemon slices in my water, I've started sipping at least one glass each day.


What can lemon water help with?

1. Boost your immune system
2. Balances body's pH
3. Helps with digestion
4. Helps get rid of toxins
5. Keeps skin blemishes at bay

I'm drinking it daily for all of the above benefits but, especially to help my skin stay clear and glowing.  I've been having minor breakouts lately (probably due to stress) and I'm trying everything to get rid of them! It might sound like a vain reason but, if my skin looks jacked it affects me in ways unimaginable so...lemons in the water daily it is!

How often do you drink lemon water?

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