Monday, January 26, 2015

My Weekend Wash 'N' Go

Hey, loves! I have been getting super frustrated with my hair lately.  It was feeling so dry and just looking like a short, poodle-like curly 'fro due to this dreaded in-between stage I'm in right now (so not the look I'm going for). Anywho, I don't know what made me want to try a wash-n-go this weekend but, I'm so glad I did.

I need to stock up on more shampoo and conditioner...BAD! So, I had to reach under my bathroom sink and use something out of my old stash.  I co-washed with Pantene Co-Wash conditioner, which I haven't used in forever, and then applied my trusty Eco-styler gel with olive oil.

I let my hair air dry and lightly diffused on the cool setting for about 5 min.

My hair was so defined and shiny! Wash-n-go success.  

Are wash-n-go's your thing? What does your wash-n-go routine consist of? 

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