Monday, January 11, 2010

Inspiration Mondays: Love Songs

 As a music fanatic, I LOVE listening to great love songs. Not the "girl let me turn you around, lick down" type of "love" song (although those songs have their place!) but songs about genuine, innocent, unscripted love. True love is such a beautiful thing and there is nothing better to my ears than listening to an artist who can convey the real definition of it through music.

One of my favorite artists, Jill Scott, has a song called, "He Loves Me" and it has remained on my list of the most beautiful love songs of all-time since I first heard it eight years ago.  I never get tired of listening to it. The powerful lyrics in combination with the music and Jill's phenomenal vocals, make this song indescribable.

Hit play below and enjoy! What's your favorite love song of all-time?

"Perfect love casts out all fear." I John 4:18


  1. Hey! I was searching for love songs to compare the one I wrote with... I wrote up this love song for my girlfriend and it's on youtube, if you like let me know what you think :) By the way, your blog is wayyyy nicer than mine, I didn't know you can get all fancy with this stuff :P
    A Song About Love

  2. Hello Candice, the blog looks great. I feel healthier already :) Jill Scott is one of my favorite artist and that song will definitely be played at my wedding( whenever that is, LOL!) Looking forward to future blogging, from your SM Circle sister Ahshia.

    Live a Little Lagniappe, Ahshia

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  4. Never Felt This Way by Brian McKnight and Softest Lips by Eric Roberson are two of my favorites. When we were dating Never Felt This Way was the first song my husband ever sang to me.


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