Sunday, July 28, 2013

Event Hair

Hey ladies (and gents)!  Last weekend, one of my co-workers invited me out to the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Summer event here in Atlanta.  It has been a very trying past few weeks and I really needed to get out  so I made my way over there.

It was not a real huge event at all.  It was a lot smaller than the annual Taliah Waajid Natural Hair shows that take place here in Atlanta but, we still had fun. The day before the event,  I did an Aphogee Keratin treatment on my hair and applied a warm brown rinse.  My blonde color is growing out really quickly and I really hate looking at the contrast between my dark roots and  the honey blonde ends so, I tried the rinse and I loved it!!

The Aphogee Keratin treatment made my hair feels so soft and my curl pattern was more defined afterwards.  It was just what my hair needed because it was starting to feel so dry.  I did about 10 twists the night before for a twistout and the next day I was really feeling myself!

There's nothing like doing something different to my hair to put me in a better mood!  Just because things around me are crazy doesn't mean I have to look crazy too. 

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Fab look - you're totally inspiring me as I'm in transition.

    1. Thanks Quiana! It has definitely been a learning process but, so worth it.


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