Sunday, July 27, 2014

Apple Fasting


Hi, loves! Forget an apple day, how about an apple every few hours? lol. That's what I did all day today. Me and my honey decided to do an apple fast.  It was totally spur of the moment and it all started when I woke up this morning and started scrolling through my phone reading different articles.  I came across an article about apple fasting and decided to just do it.

I was looking to detox anyway but wasn't sure what exactly to do or when (running in and out of the bathroom at work is just not cute).  Fasting has so many benefits but, because I am pre-diabetic I have been hesistant to do one out of fear that my blood sugar may drop too low and make me feel like I want to pass out. But, I decided to start out with an apple fast because it is recommended for those of us not used to fasting.

The Deets

  • eat apples throughout the day (try to buy organic if you can)
  • Drink room temperature or warm water (this aids in elimination)
  • No caffeine, juice, coffee, etc.

 Some of the benefits include:

  • giving your digestive system a rest
  • removes toxins from the body
  • boosts mental clarity
  • gives your entire body a re-boot

We did this all day today and right around 2pm, I started to feel fatigued and slightly light headed.  We even went to the gym and lifted weights (I would suggest this).  I ate a small meal this evening of salad, sweet potatoes and a teriyaki tofu concoction I whipped up.  

I feel slightly tired but, overall I'm glad I tried it.  I'm thinking of easing my way up to a 3-day fast eventually.  

Have you ever done a fast? How did you feel afterwards?

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