Monday, July 7, 2014

Short Hair Woes

Hi, loves!  You may remember me posting a few weeks back about how I went and got my hair chopped off to get damage I received after a stylist's straightening attempt left my hair straight up cinged.  My hair was breaking like crazy and my 3 years of hard work to go natural went down the drain in just a matter of days.

I got some Sengalese twists put in shortly after the cut and I took them out about a week ago.  I have no idea what to do with my hair and I really dislike the cut more than I thought I would. I have done wash-n-go's which are really cute for the first day but after that my hair feels and looks like a dry, Brillo pad (not really the look I'm going for). I have done finger coils also, which are pretty cute but after day 2 my hair looks and feels crazy again. With hair this short I can't just throw it up in a bun and be on my way like I used to.

I will say that wash day is essentially a breeze right now!  Besides that, I'm just not feeling it and it has seriously made me a recluse in the past few days.  Or when I leave the house, I don't go anywhere I can't wear my hat to.  Sad, I know.

I have always swooned over short, edgy styles on others and anticipated rockin' my short hair while I nursed it back to its previous length but it's just not working out *sigh*.  Guess I will be putting in some braids while it grows out some more.

Well if you didn't see it on Instagram, here is my official reveal:

Have you ever cut your hair drastically?  Did you like it at first?

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