Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Sage Smudging

Hey, loves!  Sundays are usually my day to do a little cooking, cleaning and some relaxation before the week starts.  This morning while packing for this move I'm about to make, I was feeling a little anxious and just uneasy.

 I have been reading about the benefits of burning sage, also called smudging, and decided to finally pull out the Shamans Market White Sage mini smudge stick I got in my Holbox a few months back.  I'm not one who is really into such practices, or rituals, if you want to call them that but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try this out after reading about the benefits.

  • white sage has been traditionally used when one is feeling low on energy
  • to create balance
  • to cleanse and purify your home of bad/negative energy
  • can have a cleansing effect on the air by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain 
  • can relax muscle tension
I was unsure how exactly to burn the sage but, I looked online (Google is always my friend) and took the following steps so, that I didn't burn the house down.

1. Light the top of the sage stick bundle- I didn't have to blow it out to prevent the whole thing from catching on fire, the fire went out on its own.

2. I walked into every room and just let the smoke go up, watching it swirl up into amazing little circles that I have never seen before with regular smoke from candles and such.

3. I prayed in each room and just asked for love, clarity, and peace of mind to fill this space and everyone who resides here.

Have you ever tried 'smudging'?

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  1. My mom smudges and I totally would. Im into that kinda stuff


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