Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When Life Knocks You Down

Hi loves! I missed doing this week's Monday Inspiration post and I finally had some downtime so, I decided to share some words of inspiration with you.  I'm pretty big on filling my mind with uplifting, encouraging words and music so, I am always reading or listening to anything that can keep me on a positive note.

 During my morning meditations or just throughout the day, I find myself saying certain Bible verses or reading quotes I may see throughout the day on Instagram or in a book. I am also switching up my workout routines and incorporating new types of fitness like pole classes (Woo Hoo! Much love to the ladies that work the poles on a regular for work or otherwise. So much fun and much harder than it looks!).  Life has really taken some turns for me and I'm doing everything to stay up!

"Not feeling this run I'm about to do..."

Before doing my workout this morning, I saw this quote on one of my favorite sites, Alexelle.com, and decided to share:

"He created both night and day. If its dark in your life right now, be patient. The sun always rises. And if it’s light right now, be thankful. But don’t get attached to the sun. It is in its design to also set. Praise Him for both the night and the day and know that He never sets."
- Yasmin Mogahed

What do you do when you are feeling down and out to stay encouraged?

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