Friday, November 7, 2014

Health, Chocolate and Wellness

Hey, loves!  I recently came across a company called Xocai and I love their products!  They are a health and wellness company that makes great, delicious products such as antioxidant-rich chocolate, protein supplements, energy drinks, vitamins and skin care products that are very health for you and supply your body with natural ingredients.

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but Xocai won me over!  I was so impressed I decided to join the company and show other people I know how to eat well and get closer to reaching their weight and fitness goals.

What I love about their chocolate, protein supplements and energy drinks is that they are not chock full of sugar, artificial sweeteners or any of those things that some "healthy" products are laden with.  I'm pre-diabetic so, it is extremely important to me that I maintain a diet that is not full of sugar or a bunch of ingredients I can not pronounce.

I've never been much of a huge chocolate fan but, these chocolate bites have been the perfect little after-dinner dessert for me some days.

The Xocai chocolate nuggets are made from quality Belgian chocolate that combines antioxidant-rich ingredients such as cacao, acai and blueberries.  They have a smooth taste without giving me that "cotton mouth" feeling I get when I eat other chocolates.

Also, the Xocai Protein supplement is currently my staple when I make my workout shakes.  I love that the sugar content is low and that it does not have a chalky taste.

If you have been wanting to take charge of your health without forgoing a variety of options and great taste, try out Xocai products.  You won't be disappointed!

*I was not paid to review these products.  I have given my honest opinion of these products.

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